Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Desserts...no.... not yet...........

Greetings movie watchers and foodies. Next month I will be the host for September's Food 'n Flix feature - Just Desserts.

If you have not been to the site Food ‘n Flix and you want to play along in September…hustle on over to get the movie schedule. There is a how-it-works tab but I’ll tell you in a nutshell:

How to participate in Food 'n Flix:

1. Watch the September film selection (Just Desserts. Find something redeeming that inspires you to prepare a dish. Be it dessert or appetizer or main course. Whatever you fancy.

2. Post about it on your website with a link back to THIS post and a link to Food 'n Flix.

3. Please post your dish (and review if you wish) in September since... well…that’s when I am hosting. If you’d like to link to other events that’s fine with me.

4. Email me at hex AND kobe AT yahoo DOT com by the end of September and PLEASE include the following:

*Your name
*Your blog's name and URL
*The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you're submitting
*Attach a photo of your dish (or give me permission to copy your photo)
*Please indicate "Food 'n Flix Submission" in the subject line
*Deadline for submission is: September 30th

(I’ll post the roundup first week of October)

Try and enjoy yourself. I usually find a way.



  1. Gotta go study this; sounds like fun. Have not seen that movie. Will come back to you about this adventure.

  2. I am excited about this one...I haven't seen it yet, but I ordered it from Amazon way back when you picked it and now it's ready and waiting. Great pick and thanks for hosting this month, Tina =)


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