Monday, October 17, 2011

Peasant Food, Tessa Kiros' Style

Kotopoulo Fournou is something I will have written down should we ever be fortunate enough to visit Greece!

Tessa's section on Rustic foods had me hooked. Many who know me could have won a bet on what I would make for this week's theme. Yes, I roasted another chicken.

Here is the scoop on a simple rustic meal from Tessa.

Peel about 2 pounds of potatoes. These potatoes come out so well you always wish you’d made more, so don’t let the amount fool you…it won’t be too much. Toss them in the roasting pan.

Squeeze two large lemons (I used my Nigella reamer) and drizzle a good amount of it over the potatoes.

Take your chicken and pour some lemon juice inside the cavity, rub the rest into the chicken. Yes, it will slide off and you’ll feel you wasted it. But you didn’t. Salt and pepper the cavity. I tossed a spent squeezed out lemon half inside too. Tie the legs.

Place the bird in with the potatoes surrounding it and roast until done. You need to baste the bird (and potatoes) a few times.

This photo depicts the glory of the lemony bird with cripy brown edged potatoes.

But THE POTATOES were the star of the show!

Cotes- du Rhone was an amazing good pairing with smokey undertones complimenting the lemon potatoes and chicken. (World Market is having a good wine sale, by the way)

Check out Tessa Kiros’ recipes at I Heart Cooking Club. I think this will be my favorite week!!

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