Mini Weekend Wine Review: 2007 Monte Antico Toscana

A significant 85% Sangiovese (one we love), 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot (I'm not a huge fan of the merlot) left us savoring a spice mince with cherry, deep ruby coloring and went a treat with Bolognese on fat spaghetti and freshly baked Italian bread.

A bargain at World Market. We'll certainly stock up on this bad girl next time the sale hits.



Velva said...

I have to make note of this wine too. The wine and the meal sounded really good. A great pairing of wine and food.


P.S. I see you are allowing comments agin. Woo-hoo!

Kim said...

World Market has some fantastic deals on wine.

Your bread looks gorgeous!

Eliotseats said...

This wine has been the "feature" wine in our local liquor store for some time. We love it!

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