Updates For January: Lizards, Bread, Cocktails

We've had our usual run of odd weather here. Some nights plunging into the freezing 20s, killing plants.....then we'll have mild temps and highs in the 70s, all of this in a two week span. Crazy.

A few days ago (after a warm spell) I started to slide my foot into my Topsiders and felt something moving. Against my toes! With stealth I don’t usually possess in the early morning I virtually flew backwards, watching with concern as a lizard crawled out of my shoe and made a break for the front door. The shibas are wide eyed, frantic for this bit of moving meat….but it got away. Under a piece of furniture.

That’s an adventure awaiting us for another day. Because I'll forget he's in the house. I'm not afraid of them...I just hate the surprise of one getting on me with zero warning. If it ever gets in my purse I am not responsible for my language if it hops out while I’m driving.

Wow, that was alot of lizard talk. Enough of lizards.


No I didn't misspell it. I won jam from Rebecca of the blog At Number 98 and ought to get that in February. I am so excited. Homemade bread with homemade jam. Jam from London. That makes it even better. I don't know why but it does. I have been following her blog from way back when she wrote From a North London Kitchen.

I have been enjoying making bread and being part of Bake Your Own Bread group hosted at Girlichef.
My all time favorite loaf is the crusty French and we make it several times a month. The Lamb and Feta Bundles were pleasing to look at but....I need to tweak that one. This weekend I hope to try my hand at milk rolls.

Alcohol: Because No Great Story Ever Started With Someone Eating a Salad

And I post this stating the exception to the above statement would be the lovely Joanne at Eats Well With Others. Because she always has good stories. And salads.

The French 75 Cocktail. I wrote quite a bit more about this bad girl at Cocktail Puppy HERE Check it out for recipe and background on it's origin.

Photo Credit I had to find a photo (and of course give credit) because my photos of OUR French 75 Cocktails have disappeared. I added extra cherry to mine :-)

And the Manhattan was a Christmas fav...also to found posted at Cocktail Puppy HERE

One of my resolutions/goals for this year was to work on the Williams genealogy. I have had a decent start on that which I document at Gravehound. At present I am sorting through all the Benjamin Williams' in Delaware County Pennsylvania. One is my GG grandfather. At least one other is a GG uncle. If anyone has a subscription to Ancestry and wouldn't mind doing a lookup for me, I need the 1870 census for Chester PA with Benjamin as head of household and a son about 2 years old named Washington.

I left Foodie Blogroll so maybe you'll have noticed the absence of the flashing advertisement at the top. Less distracting, don't you think? I missed Foodbuzz a bit but.......I'm just not adding anything else at this time. Look at me...independent :-)

And that's about it. Reading William Shatner's new book Shatner Rules. I finished Game of Thrones, loved it, and thank you to all who have read it and NOT ruined any part of it for me :-) Lots of surprises in there so...thanks.

Cheers! Off to lunch.


Katerina said...

We consider lizards to bring good luck to the homes where they are found! Perhaps this little animal will bring good luck to you as well! Weather is unusually cold here and we pay a fortune to get warm. Take care and have a great weekend! Although I don't drink the cocktails look awesome!

Janel said...

Oh my, I am not a fan of reptiles, especially shoe dwelling varieties. YOU probably would have heard me if I had found one in my shoe! Hopefully he'll just slip out the door soon. :)

Pierce said...

Katerina, I didn't know that. I like the lizards but not when they land on me without warning!

Janel..I know, right? :-)

Eliotseats said...

I would have broken my neck running away from that poor lizard. Love the cocktail quote. Here is another from a wine master whose class we took: "I drink wine to make other people more interesting!"

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