What's New? Well I'll tell you .......Jam, Honey, a Giveaway, Books and more!

First off, thank you to Susan at The View from the Great Island for becoming a follower of my site!

Jam. I won jam! I have been so excited about this. Rebecca, who writes At number ninety eight, is building a jam empire and has made quite a stir in the London markets. This past December her homemade jams were a hit at the Christmas Food Market in Covent Garden Piazza.

I have homemade Apricot Vanilla jam and it's aching to be slathered onto a slice of warm homemade bread. (Say, there's an idea. Perhaps Rebecca can sell the jam and I can sell baguettes. A business opportunity that sounds amazing in my head but the English weather scares this Florida transplant!)
I was going to wait to show you the texture of this jam but once I bake another baguette...there will be a post on this delicious looking apricot and vanilla jam. Thank you Rebecca!

New Tab
Wine and Cheese tab has been added and this will be a work in progress.

If I don't like it I'll delete it but....check out my new tab and please let me know what you think. It's the tab to the far right. :-)

Book Reviews Have Moved
For anyone interested, I am moving my book blog Novel Meals over to Wordpress.

If you want to check it out, the address/link is HERE. I managed to import all my previous posts over to Wordpress (comments and all). It is stilled called Novel Meals...just has a new home.

Have you ever read Velva's blog Tomatoes on the Vine? It's a well written and quite popular site which I have been a fan of for a few years. Well...Velva lives in the town where I work and after 4 years +/- we finally hooked up. A most enjoyable lunch where we dished on food, kids, how we got started writing, cheese shops, etc. It was a blast getting to meet you Velva!

I purchased a jar of her brother's homegrown honey (obviously he keeps bees) and look forward to using it in recipes. Also, I'd like to point out out that eating a spoonful of honey which is produced locally has helped my allergies. Taking in the pollens which plague me year round made for a smoother October when I really crank up the sneezing and allergy symptoms. We started doing that last year and ...it seems to help. Now I will try this honey.

Want to win a copy of Joy The Baker Cookbook? Click over to see Girlichef and you can enter to win a copy of this fantastic new cookbook. No, it's not restricted to the United States - you can enter no matter where you live so, get to it people! You will love this book. We are cooking from it now. Please see my last post on that Cooking Spotlight.

Click HERE for a chance to win this cool book.

That's it folks!


Heather @girlichef.com said...

Oh, what a delicious post! I love the sound of that jam...I'll be making a lemon vanilla bean jam soon. And that honey sounds excellent - I wish I knew a bee charmer! That bottle is so totally cool, as well. Thanks for sharing the giveaway =)

Eliotseats said...

Wow, you have so much going on. I vow to make some rockin' jam this summer with some interesting flavor profiles. I can't wait for that bread post.

Marina said...

Can I have some of that my very favorite apricot jam, please....:)

Le laquet said...

Home-made jam - yum! I was at the Covent Garden Christmas Food market ~ small world or what? And now so jealous of Velva!!

Joanne said...

I would have such a hard time not just gobbling up that jam all on it's own! What a great win!

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