Monday, July 30, 2012

Food ‘n Flix - Because I Said So

I have been a fan of Diane Keaton ever since I saw her in Annie Hall. I also liked her in the movie Reds as well as The Family Stone. Have you ever seen her interviewed by Letterman or any late night talk show host? She’s a scream. She has also aged well, in my humble opinion.

The movie pick at Food ‘n Flix is Because I Said So where she is cast as Daphne Wilder, an overbearing, meddling mother who borders on being a pain in the butt. But for the moms out there, you know you never stop worrying about your offspring. Sometimes a mother’s concern, while motivated by love, breaches boundaries with adult children.

Daphne is afraid her daughter Milly won’t find her true soul mate so she places an ad with a dating service. She even interviewed the applicants. This results in conflicts, as you can imagine.

This is a formulaic chick flick that I must admit to not watching completely. Our library didn’t have a copy and I couldn't find a copy by the time I decided to go hunting :-) So, I have watched as much as I could through the internet – this way I can participate!

Lots of food in this movie – cake would be an obvious choice, and I do love cake. But I also like pasta salads. Very much. We recently had a hot salad Nicoise and I am afraid more tuna won’t cut it at this point. So I swapped out the tuna for chicken in my salad dish.

Recipe follows, and as usual, it’s a simple one from me.

Check out Food ‘n Flix but hurry if you want to join in for this month’s gathering as deadline is July 30th. The announcement post is here!!

Pasta Salad

Shell pasta (or any shape you like, I used rotini spirals)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
pinch of tarragon
salt and pepper
1-1/2 cups cut-up cooked turkey or chicken or tuna
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
1/2 cup julienne strips cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons ranch dressing
fresh chives

Cook pasta according to directions on box Drain well.
In medium bowl, stir together salt, pepper, tarragon and the mayonnaise. Gently stir in pasta and remaining ingredients.


This was a good cold side salad, by the way. Could easily be made vegetarian, swap out so many ingredients....yum!


  1. I'm a Diane Keaton fan, too...and though many people couldn't stand her over-bearing mother character in this one, I thought she was fantastic at it! To each their own, though. Pasta salad is a great dish to make for this flick since Daphne and Milly often made pasta for one at home and to echo Milly's tuna pasta toss! Sounds delish - great summer meal :D

  2. Thanks Heather! It was a hit as a side for a light dinner.

  3. I too am a Diane Keaton fan and although I barely seek out movies like this one, it is on my some day list to watch because of her:)

    Now, that pasta salad brings no questions. Pass it on! (because I said so, lol:)

    Thanks for sharing, Tina...

  4. Yes, I agree. She has aged remarkably well. I remember that spa scene where she still looked great (even in the long underwear). I really did love her outfits (what does that say about my age???). This pasta salad looks great. I love a good ranchy pasta salad in the summer.


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