Ice and freezing rain causes chaos in North Florida

Our usual 25 minute ride to work took an hour this morning because I—10 was closed to all traffic from the Alabama line all the way to Jefferson county (Jefferson is two counties away from our home). That’s roughly 275 miles of interstate off limits. Do you know what that means? All those cars and semi-trucks are diverted onto smaller roads. Behold.

Miles of tractor trailers are lined up along the side of the road. I see where many parts of the country are deep in snow but northern Florida doesn’t usually have to deal with icy roads and snow flurries.

This was a long commute today!

Driving on ice is dangerous for anyone, no matter where you live or whatever weather conditions you are used to. For southerners it’s a foreign concept. The first 20 years of my life I lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan and the cold didn’t bother me at all. But now? Wow, are my exiled bones acclimated to warmer conditions. Thought I would die, yes – DIE, walking the dog a few nights ago.

It was 27 F (-3 C) and the sky was puking ice pellets on us. The bird feeders were frozen shut, the ice is stacking on the driveway, the charcoal grill is iced over……….it gets cold here in the winter but this is record breaking.

Here is the kicker – it ought to warm up to 70 by the weekend but the temps will drop to freezing numbers again next week. So unpredictable. I sure will be happy to see sunshine and swat at a mosquito. In the meantime, stay safe and warm my friends!


~~louise~~ said...

Isn't it crazy, Tina! We've been missing major snow storms here in central PA but all around us they are breaking all kinds of records. My daughter, who lives in Idaho, has warmer temps than we do! (usually it is me teasing her:)

I'm sorry you're so cold. We are also but I think we might be just a tiny bit more acclimated only coming from New York. Not to worry, I'm sure that Florida sunshine will be shining soon. In the mean time, sending rays your way:)

Debra Eliotseats said...

It was 70 and beautiful here last Sunday. Not so much the rest of the week but we haven't had anything like what the south is experiencing. Hang in there!
Spring's comin',

Janel Gradowski said...

Ice is awful no matter where you live. Although I have to say, when you have people that have never (or not in a long time) experienced it...I can only imagine the chaos. I had to break through a 2 ft. drift to get out of the garage this morning. About 1/2 ft. of snow expected by tomorrow night. This winter is wearing out even us northerners!

Tina said...

Louise, I have been hearing the same, that people in places that are usually cold have the warmer temps. I think it was honestly warmer in Anchorage Alaska than it was here last week. Crazy! Thank you very much for the rays of sunshine :-)

Thanks, Debra. I sure did plan to participate with your Food 'n Flix hosting event and time got away from me. Hope you keep those 70s temperatures!

Janel, If it keeps you locked in you ought to get some good writing done! I am planning to read/review Must Love Sandwiches for my Eclectic reading challenge. I needed a book with some romance so, yours fits the bill!

Stay warm. Give Cooper a pat for me.

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