A little more on the garden progress, recovery from bronchitis and a yummy beef stew

It probably just seems longer than it actually is, recovering from this doggone bronchitis. A slow process to be sure. It very frustrating because I am accustomed to a much higher energy level. The first few days on antibiotics were easy because I slept roughly 15 hours a day. Now the energy is slowly coming back but wow….I could actually use a nap right now. Wine tastes bad on this medicine and milk products are iffy. I wonder why that happens?

Spring is only a week away, flirting with us several times earlier this week with warm temperatures. We were able to enjoy two dinners sitting outside on the patio the two days/evenings we had temps in the upper 70s. But, last night it dipped to 32 and we had to cover the plants and turn on the heater.

Comfort food was called for once again. Beef stew and biscuits. Recipe here, I make it quite a bit. Look at the steam rising up from the bowl...

The garden has some plants in now. We put in 6 tomato plants (2 Beefmasters and 4 Early Girls), 4 bell peppers and are plotting out where to make the herb garden. Taking it in baby steps since we are new at all this. So far, no deer have molested the tender plants and we’ve only seen a few rabbits but nowhere near the vicinity of the garden.

Oh, we saw an otter last week! I didn’t know north Florida had otters living in the wild but there he was…. loping across the road. At first we thought it was a cat about to dart across the road and we stopped. Sure enough it was an otter.

If your phone gets wet, put it in a bag of rice!
My phone is saved and works again – yea! (fist pump to the air) This has been an awful phone, the thunderbolt, but’s all I had and it held so many photos. I took the phone apart and placed it in a zip lock bag with rice. Dried it out in 4 days. My concern was French onion soup is oily (as opposed to water) and it would corrode the little circuits inside. Other than a watermark on the screen I can now receive texts and emails and best of all, my photos are saved. Thanks and a shout out to Plum Fairy and La Laquet who sent me encouraging info regarding the phone and drying it. You are appreciated! My son and husband had told me to put it in rice and I wish I had done it the first day instead of waiting. Would have had the phone back before now :-)

The granddaughter is growing and thriving. We receive photos of her almost daily and I swear, one I saw yesterday actually brought tears to my eyes. If you know me, you would know just how uncharacteristic that is for me. My life has changed and I never saw it coming. How I wish my father could see Elizabeth; he’d be over the moon in love.

Here she is with part of the pack. The dogs are loving and protective of the newest pack member.

Ok, just wanted to log a quick update. For anyone reading I hope this finds you in good health and spirits


Linda said...

Your beef stew looks divine. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tina said...

Thank you so much, Linda. It's a bit better each day :-)

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina!
So sorry to hear that darn bronchitis is playing such a toll on you. It's really important to take it easy even when you're feeling better. I think Wine doesn't taste good with meds because of the sulfur but hey, what do I know, lol...

This weather has been so crazy, I wouldn't dream of planting anything outside. Watch those baby plants of yours. Once the bunnies get a whiff, look out! You might be better off planting herbs in pots so you can bring them in at Summer's end:)

Your grand-daughter looks like she has already grown so much. No one can prepare you for the rush of feelings that overcome you when becoming a grand-parent. It is truly an unearthing experience. I often wish my husband and father could see my grandkids but I know they are watching from above:)

Feel better, Tina. Take care and thanks for sharing...

Tina said...

Thank you Louise. It's certainly slow to go away. Every day is better though :-)

We have had so very much rain that I worried about the new plants out there but, they seem to be flourishing. Yea! And...so is Elizabeth. She is growing and is a treasure to us. I know what you mean about wishing your loved ones could see your grandkids. I have wished the same for my father, He would have been pleased. Thank you very much for commenting.

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