Wine Wednesday - Estancia Pinot Noir

Estancia Pinot Noir blends well with a variety of meals. If your menu choices require you to be versatile, then grab a pinot. If you want a full bodied wine that won’t break the bank this wine is a nice choice.

The aromas we noticed are raspberry and earthy smoke, if that makes any sense. Complimentary blend of flavors, not too dry and very smooth.

Pinots are a go-to for such a wide variety of foods but honestly, they are not all created equal. Who hasn’t poured a glass to find a watered down, pale colored, limp handshake of a pinot? Hey, it happens, and then I note to avoid that label I the future. You won’t have that disappointment with Estancia. I'm buying more of this one for evenings when the dinner menu isn’t planned because Estancia can stand up to a roast chicken, pork, a ribeye steak and even Chinese take away. 13.5 % alcohol volume, under $20.



Debra Eliotseats said...

Mmm, Chinese takeout sounds delicious tonight.

Joanne said...

Ooo definitely must keep an eye out for this!

Tina said...

Chinese takeout is always a great thing for us for movie night and bottle of wine!

You wouldn't be sorry, Joanne :-)

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