Monday, June 11, 2018

Greek Salad - better late than never #SouperSunday

Does anyone actually say Happy Monday? Probably not.

Well, I am happy to have the morning part over and knowing the alarm will only be set three more mornings. Then we have a mini holiday.

See the Greek salad below?  This was meant to hook up with Deb's Souper Sunday but I was  supremely unmotivated and thick-headed on Sunday so.........yeah.   Didn't happen.

I'm not saying we did sit on the patio until late drinking Chardonnay, talking and listening to the rain patter on the metal roof......but it would explain why a perfectly good post with photos already uploaded didn't make the linkup :-)

  sal1 sal2

Better late than never.  Having salad with pizza presumably enables me to eat less pizza.  A big fat salad and two slices of tomato, mushroom and spinach pizza was enough.  Otherwise, I eat three slices.  Every time. Heavy on the feta cheese, red onion, lots of black olives for me and fewer for Doug, banana peppers and tomato is such a great accompaniment for pizza night.


Last night I made another seafood chowder but I have shared that with Deb before so I didn't want to link that one up.  Exciting news for me is the delivery of a new cookbook called Chowderland.  I am looking forward to that, it was supposed to be delivered today.  There will be much inspiration in that book as it has soups, chowders and salads.

 Linking up with Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for Souper Sunday. Check out her post HERE. Can't go wrong with her Sweet Corn Chowder.


  1. Your salad really looks good -- a wonderful side for that pizza. I hope you enjoyed your evening. Much more important than blog posting.

    best... mae at

  2. I'd leave off the olives but otherwise this looks delicious and sounds like a good pairing with pizza. I think your evening sounds absolutely lovely and worth the sacrifice of the post! We don't take the time to just sit and talk and appreciate the rain nearly enough though we are getting better about it. I'm curious about the Chowderland cookbook. It probably isn't for me because of my anti-seafood stance but I'd be curious to see just what all they do with chowder! I bet there are some interesting varieties.

  3. Mae, I agree. Sometimes you have to take a break and enjoy what is going on around you.

    Katherine, thanks! Chowderland also has some non-seafood recipes using chicken. Also, it's filled with accompaniments such as salads and yummy desserts! I hope you are on the mend. After seeing your photo on Instagram I felt so bad for your poor foot!

  4. Well you know I am around to catch up the next Sunday! Your salad looks yummy--I love a good Greek salad. Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays--it was worth the wait! ;-)

  5. I'm glad I made it this week, Deb! I have a great chowder to share for this upcoming linkup.


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