Friday, September 06, 2019

Fish Chowder with Cobia and peas, Fried Cabbage and What's in the Kitchen

We are so very luck to know someone who loves to fish. The fish he gives us is fresh from the gulf of Mexico, usually only 3 days old at the most. In appreciation I make him bread or sweets.  This week it was brownies.  It's a very nice arrangement and everyone gets something good to eat.

This past week we were given Mangrove snapper which Doug grilled, and Cobia which I tossed into a chowder. I've been fussing about losing a bit of weight so a nice chowder for lunch was a good start.


Easy as sauteing boiled red creamer potatoes, onions and garlic.  The add some broth (chicken or vegetable) and a few pourfuls of half-n-half (or milk).  I didn't measure anything.
Once the broth was warm I put the sliced up Cobia in to cook. Raw fish works better as it has a different texture once it cooks and flakes.

This is good with cooked fish too, just a different texture.  I tossed in a handful of peas and added salt, Old Bay seasoning and lots of pepper.

What else was new for us to try - fried cabbage! Actually we'd tried this earlier and I'm just getting around to posting it.  My friend Stacy told me about a great dinner her husband Ty makes with slabs of ham and fries the cabbage up in the drippings.  We used bacon.  It was great!

As a matter of fact we have more cabbage at home for a future meal plan.  I'm sure this isn't exactly as her husband cooks it up but it made me a fan. I would love it if she'd start her own blog and post photos of their farm and some of her meals. C'mon, Stacy!



Here is a snap for the outdoor dining we managed to sneak in. One day, and one day only, it was just cool enough to enjoy dinner outside. Now it's back to extreme heat so we are inside but I know it's coming up, that sweet cool Fall weather!

Mojo marinated chicken, black beans and rice, salad, garlic toast and a crisp Chardonnay for me and a beer for Doug.


Can't believe it's September already.  So....what's going on in your kitchen?

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  1. Fish chowder sounds interesting but Into cabbage right now - so the fried cabbage caught my attention.

  2. Fish chowder looks great to me, not sure how John would feel. I am working hard at using up what I have.
    We've started doing fried and oven roasted cabbage and really enjoy it with a sprinkle of balsamic.

  3. I like the idea of fried or roasted cabbage ... esp. with the meat. :)

  4. You are lucky to have someone who gives you fresh fish! I love chowders. We make fried cabbage too -- it's good with bacon or canned corned beef. Something about the saltiness that makes the cabbage more flavorful.

  5. That chowder sounds good, so does the fried cabbage, and I just got some hame that could be added in!

  6. I love fried cabbage. Really, I love cabbage cooked any way.

  7. I haven't tried making a chowder with white fish - will have to give it a try. Cheers

  8. hi tina

    thanks for joining in this month. yes the year is flying by. Scary how fast! i love fish chowder and i love fried cabbage. and how marvellous to have freshly caught fish given to you. a wonderful exchange! have a good month. cheers sherry

  9. both the fried cabbage ad your fish chowder look delicious. Definitely lucky to know a fisherman and get it so fresh. Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)

  10. I am so happy it's soup season. Your chowder looks great!

  11. Thanks for the shout-out, Tina! All the dishes in these pics look so, so yummy. You DO inspire me to put something out in the blogosphere!

  12. I love fried or sauteed cabbage, it turns so entirely different vegetable. And that fish chowder looks like just the thing for the cooler fall weather.

  13. You are really very lucky to know a successful fisherman!

    best... mae at


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