Thursday, December 19, 2019

Simple Roasted you can read or play with the dog while dinner cooks

This week has been a little different.  I've been having tooth pain and long story short is, I have an abscessed tooth.  With this being late in the month and Christmas coming up the dental practice will be closing up shop for a two week period.  So I need to hustle and try and get a root canal or decide to have the offending tooth pulled. Decisions....

This brings me to the reason we all need that easy meal prep so you get the big return on a great dinner with minimal effort. You can concentrate on other things, ideas or whatever you need.

I can never have enough chicken on the menu, so it seems. There is just so much you can do with a whole chicken and I chose to do the simplest thing - roast it surrounded by veggies.  Just rub it down with olive oil and salt and pepper it.  I also used roasted garlic powder.


The reason I thought of a roasted chicken verses so many other quickie meals is I read about it in my last book. It was presented as an excellent homey dinner and I knew I wanted that comfort food as soon as possible.  This was from The Missing Years.
Obviously pick your own veggies & method.


I’ve made soup with the remainder and that hits the spot for lunch on a cold day. It’s 33 degrees here as I type in north Florida. Next year we will be somewhere warmer ...I hope.

Lots of plans for upcoming the new year, hoping for travel, hook up with a few foodie events, reading challenges and getting fit.
Wishing you and yours a lovey holiday if I don’t manage to get back on line to post.

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  1. Oh, no... dental problems around the holidays is awful!! Hope they can at least get you some antibiotics to tame the abscess as you decide what to do. I haven't done a simple roast chicken in months, but will certainly make one before the holidays - thanks for reminding me!

    It's 33 degrees up there?? Brrr! We were in the 60s yesterday and got down to the low 50s overnight. It's very windy today, but hopefully close to 70. Hope it warms up there soon and your tooth pain is under control!

  2. This looks so easy but DELICIOUS! It's so strange to read of it being too cold in Florida. Don't you all just lounge in bikinis all the time? I kid. I hope your tooth lets you have a good holiday. Thankfully, some of the best treats are soft. I'm thinking of eggnog, wassail, hot chocolate, and soft cookies.

  3. I can't even remember the last time I cooked which is kind of strange! It's about 50 in New Orleans right now but windy and that wind off the river is so cold! I love roasted chicken and veggies and should make that if I ever have a stove again!

  4. I've had my heat on and off for a few days already. The older I get the less I can take the cold and heat.

    That chicken and veggies look so good!

    What foodie events are you joining? I haven't seen any yet.

  5. Oh no! Not the time of year for tooth problems. But, as I said on your other post, nothing more comforting than a simple roast chicken.

  6. I hope you came to a good decision on the tooth issue. Ouch! And, I hope all is much better soon.

  7. I love roasting chicken for all the reasons you mentioned. I hope you get your tooth problem fixed quickly and then have a great holiday!

    best... mae at

  8. Oh no, on your tooth!
    I haven't roasted a chicken in a while but going to my cousin's tonight and I have a feeling that is what she will cook.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Why do these emergencies always occur during the holidays? Hope your issue is resolved soon. No fun to suffer with tooth pain.

    Thanks for the roast chicken suggestion. Good, basic food is often the most satisfying.

  10. So sorry about the tooth. Hope you get it resolved. Homey dinners and comfort food are the best. This looks delicious.

  11. Roast chicken is a standard around here too! For all the mentioned reasons. Have a wonderful Holiday in spite of the tooth! Hope there's an emergency dental practice available!

  12. Yes, it's been chilly in South Florida too, but only down to the 60's. Nothing worse than tooth problems. Hope all goes well.

  13. Good luck with the tooth. Merry Christmas


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