Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Help requested with blogspot, please :-)

Does anyone know how to merge two blogs?  Here's what I hope for but can't figure it out.


One domain, two URLs, separate content displayed in each blog.

Clear as mud?  While I didn't want to keep up with two different sites and so have abandoned Turn the Page  - I would like to keep my book natterings separate from the life/foodie content.

What I'd like is to import the book site URL to a separate tab at the top of Squirrel Head Manor.  The adding a page option doesn't allow for individual posts, just a long running single page. 

I'd like to post about books but have it publish to the bookish "tab" and not appear on this site.

Anyone have any ideas to keep this blogspot URL and do some sort of redirect for a different URL right here on Squirrel Head Manor?  On a tab? Perhaps this is not possible.

Any advice would be apreciated!!

In the meantime, until I can figure this out I will try and limit bookish things to one single day here.  


  1. Good luck - not sure how you'll do this - maybe another gadget?

  2. Haven't a clue, but I hope you continue to post about what you're reading! Like you said, maybe just once a week?

  3. The page idea was all I came up with. I found this article

  4. Does Option C in this instructional post work?

    1. I am just seeing this comment as I have been a slacker, LOL. Thanks you for researching this option!! I am going to try it today while I'm on a break :-)

  5. Does this video tell how to do what you want????


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