Monday, December 11, 2017

It snowed in Tylertown, Mississippi !

My husband's family adopted me so I will say our cousins instead of his :-)

We have made a couple of trips to Tylertown for visits in 2009  and 2010 but we weren't there for this recent snow event.  Check this out!


I think the houses look great with a white frosting.


Looking contemplative from the warmth of the house, observing solid precipitation.


Thanks to cousin Lee Ellen for sending these photos.


Meanwhile it was 29 degrees here this morning and we did not get snow.


The bird bathes were frozen over and we had frost across the field but no snow.  Aja loved it. She's a cold weather creature so our morning walk was very fast paced.

Just wanted to share Lee Ellen's photos of Tylertown.  One day we may retire to a place where we get a dusting of snow but that's a few years off for now.

Happy Monday!


Katherine P said...

My mind is still blown that you have family in Tylertown! What are the odds! We had about 6 inches about 8 miles west but they're in the middle of nowhere so that might have helped - less stuff to catch the snow and less people to disturb it. Beautiful pictures!

Tina said...

Thanks, Katherine. Wouldn't it be wild if your grandparents knew the Sullivan family ? :-)

Vicki said...

It was really cold where I am in Florida too. Ice covered everything. No snow though, which was very disappointing.

Tina said...

We had snow in Havana a long time ago, Vicki. It was in the 1980s and it was so neat. It didn’t stick, just not enough cold temp that day. It’s been ages since I lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan to see a good accumulation.

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