Updates, Cocktails, Hot Summer Rides and Reading

Can you believe it's July already? This year is flying by.

First off I'd like to say thank you for all the nice comments and the emails I have received regarding posts I've put up. Not being on Facebook anymore has curtailed some of my social activity with fellow cooks and bookworms .... so the emails are nice :-)

Also, thanks to Danielle of Cooking for My Peace of Mind, The Old Geezer Blog and Mutfakgazetesi for becoming followers of my blog!

What have we been up to? Well....keeping up with our son who is about to graduate from more training at Ft Lee Virginia. We last saw him in May at his graduation from Basic Combat Training and I think we will see him again at his graduation from Airborne training. We miss him yet are so pleased he has found his career path.

We sold the gym...finally. Now we have a room back...a big empty room with so many possibilities! That's kinda exciting.

Drinks..oh my. This will look like a repost but I assure you...it is yet another Bloody Caesar. My man has created an insatiable need for these Caesars!

This time...we used basil and oregano from our little garden.

We had appies of feta cubes, mozzarella stuffed olives, balsamic garlic mushrooms, artichokes and toasted baguette. Good stuff.....nice before a grilled rib eye.

We did break things up with a Bermuda Triangle - post may be found HERE at Cocktail Puppy.

Riding - Well...it's been awfully hot but we have gotten some nice rides in. Leave early in the morning and get back drenched in sweat but...fun all the same. Love to ride to get breakfast then take an hour to get home.

My Reading Italy 2011 Challenge has me up to 4 books completed so I am still hopeful to meet the 12 book challenge by the end of this year. Hated Eat Love Pray but all the others have been very good. Reading Waiting by Debra Ginsberg right now.

That's about it. Grilling fish tonight and hoping for an uneventful 4th of July. Kobe hates fireworks.....but what can you do?



Velva said...

I miss you on fb. I hope that you will reconsider in the future, and join us. :-)

Life is busy for you. Looks like everything is going well for you.

Happy 4th of July to you and your family.


girlichef said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy...that's great! I really, really need to try a bloody caesar, they sound awaesome. Happy 4th!!

Rita said...

Love the look if those Ceasars; and everythig else looks and sound very tasty. I hope I din't scare you off with my opinion of Eat Pray Love.

Drick said...

and I hope you did have a pleasant day today, Kobe too... that new Caesar looks great with your herbs, give it to the man, better keep that Doug... like your Italian appies too... gonna do a rendition of that noodle bake soon, it looked really good

Pierce said...

Thanks very much Velva. I appreciate that and hope you and your family had a great and safe 4th.

Girlichef - You do...you do need a Caesar..wish we could whip up a few glasses and compare notes.

Rita - No way could you scare me off...I couldn't stand that book :-)

Drick - Thanks, and you will love that nodle bake. I have a jar of marinated artichokes on the table now for your pasta salad recipe. Coming up soon! Yeah, I think I'll keep my fantastic bartender!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Very busy indeed! Love the herbal Caesars, and your lovely outdoor shots!

Joanne said...

I know I can't believe it's already July! Looks like you've been eating and drinking well! And yes I totally miss you on FB!

Pierce said...

Natashya, the Caesars are an addiction. Love 'em!

Joanne - I may be back one day, on FB...we'll see. Your posts have been full of excellent meals as well :-)

Le laquet said...

Hope Tris's second lot of training is going well ... do you see him again soon? Sounds damn hot - think we had one of those days yesterday whereas this morning wind and rain like a March morning!

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