I like eggplant, me. An Old Copy of Vegetarian Times Cookbook and juicy Ratatouille

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There is just something about an old cookbook. One with hand written notes and check marks indicting which recipe was extra good or special. It’s even better when it belonged to a family member. I’m flooded with memories when I see their writing, evoking memories of Nana making vegetable soup or my mother’s recipe cards, neatly written in her script. I wish I knew then that I was taking that time with them for granted and asked a few more questions, got my hands into the flour more, helped with shelling beans instead of pissing about going off with my friends.

This book, Vegetarian Times Cookbook, was printed in 1984 and there are a few notes and water stained pages inside. There is an undecipherable signature on the inside flap and the date 5/23/85 next to it. Doug and I picked this up from a second-hand shop in Burnsville , North Carolina on one of our vacations. I wonder who wrote the date inside and water stained so many pages. I wonder about the person who cooked from this well used book and which were their favorite meals.

This cookbook did not belong to my family, the one from childhood….but it became part of a growing collection of cookbooks in my adult household. The one I share with my husband and son.

One of our favorites (and evidently the former owner’s fav) is Ratatouille.

Funny note – back in 1984 a book such as this sold for $8.95 new. Wow. This has inspired me to go through my old cookbooks and recipe box.


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