Saturday, April 10, 2021

Giada’s roasted veggies

This week has been busy. We both had our second Pfizer vaccine and we met with a construction company about remodeling the kitchen and bath! The organization for a remodel is impressive and the project manager went over soooo many options. I hope to share before and after photos but it won't be for a while.

In the meantime, let me share a roasted veggie and chicken meal we had last night.

Mea Culpa!  I read the theme incorrectly for I Heart Cooking Club. For whatever reason I got it in my head we were making comfort food.  I am on board with trying a new chef, or dish that I have never prepared (which is this week's theme), so perhaps I'll give that a try for upcoming Potluck.

Since I did prepare my side inspired by IHCC chef Giada I will link up anyway. A "twist" on this was adding the chicken to the veggies as they roasted instead of following directions. Nothing revolutionary there but still....

The recipe without my adaptions may be found HERE. Couldn't abide the bitter Brussels Sprouts so I added more sweet potato and carrots.  A breeze to prepare and using a high rimmed baking sheet accomodated everything easily.

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  1. Ha on the Brussels sprouts, but have you tried them roasted? I like them regardless, but I have friends who usually hate them but love them roasted. Just a thought. I love simple dishes like this.

  2. Adding the chicken to the roasting pan means much more chicken flavor for the vegetables-- a very good thing to do! I would love that.

    best... mae at

  3. I've done this too, added chicken to the sheet pan roasting. Flavors mingling, it's lovely!

  4. That looks very good!

    I LOVE Brussels Sprouts! But then I love most every vegetable. One I can't stand is beets.

  5. My sons love brussel sprouts. (I'm not sure why, I never made them for them growing up haha.) We had roasted vegetables with our Easter dinner, the carrots were so tender and sweet.

  6. Especially for busy days, a sheet pan dinner for the win!

  7. I think you made a great call leaving the brussels out. I love them, but not roasted. I also love that you roasted the chicken with the veggies. They improve with a little of that chicken fat and flavor.

    Good luck with the renovations!

  8. I've kind of stopped using Giada's recipes because she annoys me but it's not like I have to listen to her while I'm cooking so I need to pull out my favorites again! The roasted veggies look amazing and roasting is one of my favorite things to do with with veggies or really most food.

  9. My husband loves brussel sprouts but I am not the biggest fan!

  10. you don't like brussels sprouts? i adore them:) and i love roasted veg.


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