Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween funnies

I thought I'd share a few Halloween funnies.

Here is Loki after the pumpkin festival in Havana Florida.  He was a bit uncooperative on that hay bale.

Cute costume on this little girl! Neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady

Cheese man 



  1. Happy Halloween!!!

    best... mae at

  2. Loki is so cute!

    That Crazy Cat Lady is adorable!

    What the heck? I'd stay very far away from that cheese man, that's just weird.

    I'm glad my bag of candy has Fun Size Snickers :)

    I saw that photo on FB, it's original and very cute!

  3. Loki doesn't look to happy about being on that bale of hay, lol. Thanks for the Halloween laughs!

  4. Oh these are amazing! I absolutely adore the little girl's costume and the dachshund jack o lanterns are fantastic! Loki definitely looks unsure of the hale bale.


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