Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sunday Salon time

Happy Sunday! We have been staying where the internet connection was close to zero so I wasn't sure I'd be able to post.  When I logged on I was actually surprised to see my post about potato salad had gone up.  Forgot I'd scheduled it. 

From my corner of the world it is very hot. High temps with a  heat index of  108 F/ 40 C so we are staying inside quite a bit.  If you don't get a walk in early you just can't manage it later in the afternoon. Our heat advisory/warnings are steady throughout this week.

Here's the Sunday Salon roundup.........

Anniversary #38 / Can't believe we've been married 38 years already!  We had a favorite special meal of crab cakes and cheese grits followed by wine and music.  Eva Cassidy was a nice choice for a quiet evening :-)

Bookish / Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson (I was underwhelmed.  Very much enjoyed Nine Lives by Swanson so had hopes for this one),  These Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham Grant which I liked.  A moving narrative about a father who lives off the grid with his young daughter. Lots of surpries and well written.

Sipping / We hadn't had a Sauvignon Blanc in many years as our memory of them seemed to be of heavy apple. Then fellow blogger Claudia suggested we try the Joel Gott label of this wine.  (We are fans of Joel Gott Pinot Noir and Chardonnay). We did enjoy the Joel Gott Sauvignon and are back to trying different labels. 

This Groth is one of our favorites now.   

In the kitchen / Over a week ago I made an easy Potato Salad. Highly recommended.

Recipe coming up from a Taste of Home magazine filled with Mediterranean themed recipes.  We tried one and I wish I'd cut it in half.  It's just two of us!

Something I learned this week / If you fall asleep while reading your Kindle and your finger lands heavily on a paragraph, this counts as a highlight.  I'd wake up and unbeknowst to me it's labeled as a highlight on my Goodreads account.  Of course it's nonsensical as it's only part of a sentence and an irrelevant one at that!

Sharing with Deb at Readerbuzz for Sunday Salon.


  1. Falling asleep while doing anything on Kindle can have unexpected results! The screen is very unpredictable while your fingers are behaving randomly. Trust me, I know!

    best... mae at

  2. Goodness! 108 is far too hot! Happy anniversary to you. We are a few years behind (34 in Nov.) Mmm. We love shrimp and grits, but haven't made crab cakes and cheesy grits. Crab is insanely expensive this year. Used to be $40 per pound (which is a lot), but this year it went up to $70! I think I'll stick to my shrimp & grits recipe. Hope the weather cools down soon!

  3. Happy anniversary! Your food looks delicious. :)

    That is hot. Too hot for me! And These Silent Woods sounds like a good one. I'm gonna check it out.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    I've found more than my share of nonsensical highlights after falling asleep while reading my Kindle too. I've also dropped it on my husband's head as I've fallen asleep while reading after he's fallen asleep on my lap. I tell him that he must like to live dangerously. He says that's why he bought me the Kindle--so that if I'm going to drop a book on his head, at least it's just the Kindle instead of a brick! :-)

    I hope your temps drop soon!

  5. Happy anniversary! Crab cakes and tater salad look delicious!

  6. Happy anniversary! Your meal looks delicious. I love both crab cakes and cheese grits! I have dropped my Kindle on my face a number of times but never highlighted anything! Too funny!

  7. Happy anniversary! I'd love to try Groth, but wine ever since menopause wine (even a sip) gives me the WORST headaches. BTW, if this shows up as "anonymous," this is The Gal Herself from One Gal's Musings. Blogger has made it a battle to leave comments lately.

  8. Congratulations on 38 years! Happy (belated) Anniversary! The heat in my part of Florida has been terrible too! Today the "feels like" is expected to be 101°.

  9. Happy Anniversary, wow 38 years, impressive! Eva Cassidy's singing is still so good. 108F is too intense, yikes. I liked These Silent Woods too .... everything but the ending. here are my thoughts on it: Enjoy your weekend.

  10. crab cakes? yum. such a shame my hubby doesn't eat seafood. i think we've been married 36 years. where did that time go? I used to love sauv blanc but since i don't drink any more ... ah the ageing kidneys ...


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