Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March Update

Springtime and blossoms and warmer weather. It's up and down with the temps around here as one day I'm in short sleeves and by the end of the week I'm wearing a down jacket.  We've been able to eat outside a few times, that was nice. Here's a photo from the patio view near sunset.


Here's the March breakdown.........

The Girl in the Spider's Web
Lawrence of Arabia - an old classic that was displayed at the library.  We didn't know it was a two disc DVD. Almost four hours long.
The Crimes of Grindlewald - oh, we were disappointed.  I fell asleep a few times! We liked the first movie.
First Man: This was good, we enjoyed this movie about Neil Armstrong and the space program.  Background about his personal life played well into understanding how the astronauts balance work and home life.  Sometimes they don't manage a balance.  I'd recommend this movie. 

We get all the movies from the library or Redbox.

The Huntress by Kate Quinn (author of The Alice Network)
The Moroccan Girl by Charles Cumming (I liked this book so much that I bought Cumming's first novel.)
We Must Be Brave by Frances Liardet (if you liked The Light Between the Ocean you may like this as well)
The Lost Man by Jane Harper (Did you like The Dry?  Then you'll like this)

LostMan  huntress  Moroccan

Loving / Cleaning out our house....slowly.  Getting rid of superfluous dishes/clothes/books so there is less clutter.  It feels productive.

Watching Rex the TV Terrier and his stick-of-the-day posts!  Check out his Twitter account HERE &  Instagram Here.

rex1.png     Rex2

April Plans: St. George Island has the campground open again!  It was closed due to extensive damage after Hurricane Michael but now they are taking reservations,  We are going in April. Yea!

Listening and Sipping:  We bought a few new blues CDs from Amazon and have enjoyed sitting in the den.  The Blantons bourbon was opened for such a special occasion. 

Some things stay the same.  Our Aja plays like a puppy despite her old age.  Plays hard...


and sleeps well.  

That's it for now.  End of March, over and out!


  1. I watched the true crime documentary Abducted In Plain Sight on Netflix and was shaking my head most the way through but I'm really glad I watched it. I also started binging Superstore because my daughter said it was really funny, and am enjoying it a lot.

    I'll have to check out some of those books and maybe add a few to my list.

    Thanks for the info on Rex, I'd never seen him before that I can remember. I followed him on Instagram.

    I hope you have a great time camping!

    ♥ Aja!

  2. I've seen a picture or two of Rex but didn't really know who he was. Definitely following! I need more happy pics in my life. Love the ones of Aja by the way! So much fantastic reading you have done this year! I really need to read The Dry and Jane Harper in general. If you can find a mini series called The Earth to the Moon I highly recommend it. It was an HBO series that came out not long after Apollo 13 and we really enjoyed it. My favorite episode was one on the astronauts' wives and how they kept things going. If we were closer I'd lend you my copy!


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